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Stretch Blow Moulding process involves the production of hollow objects, such as bottles, having biaxial molecular orientation. Biaxial orientation provides enhanced physical properties, clarity, and gas barrier properties, which are all important in products such as bottles for carbonated beverages.

There are two distinct stretch blow moulding techniques. In the one-stage process, performs are injection moulded, conditioned to the proper temperature, and blown into containers—all in one continuous process. This technique is most effective in specialty applications, such as wide mouthed jars, where very high production rates are not a requirement.


In the two-stage process, performs are injection moulded, stored for a short period of time (typically 1 to 4 days), and blown into containers using a reheat-blow (RHB) machine. Because of the relatively high cost of moulding and RHB equipment, this is the best technique for producing high volume items such as carbonated beverage bottles.


We are One of the Largest Stretch Blow Mould Manufacturers in India With the Capability of Making Mould ranging from 40ml to 25 litres.

Our Supply chain includes the entire major beverage Industries across India for Water, Carbonated Beverages and Fruit Juices.